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The crop

the stand - it can be planted after every other plant, even after Miscanthus
the fertilization - if we plant in the spring, use 50 kg P2O5 120 K2/ha and do not use nitrogen
the crop - preparation of stand is typical like for other plants, tipped with winter ploughing for 20-25 cm deep. In the early spring fertilize and scarify soil before planting
the planting - use root plants from nursery seed material, which is hardy and plant them into 15-20 cm deep to protect from frost. Plant from the beginning of April to the end of May. Put 1 item for 1 m2 on the production field or 2-3 items on the nursery field. To plant rhizomes use planter (you can do it by yourself) or do this by hand
nursing - nursing is actually limited to eliminate weed in the first year of crop, what we can do mechanically or chemically. Before Miscanthus germinates it is possible to use such a herbicide as ROUNDUP, after germination we can use CHWASTOX, LINTUR, GRANSTAR to kill dicotyledonous weeds and TITUS to kill monotyledonous weeds (as a cougch grass)
harvest - first class biomass using for energy we can attain form spring harvest. We should use universal machines for harvesting as a rotational mower, a silo harvester, a hayrake, a press, a trailer