MISKANT - gospodarstwo rolne
Iwona i Eugeniusz Gostomscy
ul.Lisciasta 5
89-620 Chojnice
tel. 790-711-712 dział sprzedaży detalicznej
tel. 696-411-580


Miskant Farm

Our farm provides our customers with root plants and straw from the highest quality of Miscanthus giganteus, which the straw is making use of the newest biotechnology. We build confidence of our customers by permanent development. Thanks of this we are becoming to be a responsible partner as well as for regional and national clients.

The most important for the Miskant Farm are people, who work here and who are guided by principles as follows:

  • respect
  • perseverance
  • professionalism

The success starts from good cooperation. Our Farm understands this perfectly and places emphasis on satisfy our customers completely.

We are always at your disposal.